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2023 Wedding Trends That Marry Nicely with RSRC

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As we bring 2022 to a close, the New Year brings excitement for what’s to come. If you’re newly engaged, congratulations! This is the start of the year you officially tie the knot. Planning for your wedding is an exciting time, and let’s be honest, it can be stressful. A lot of time and effort goes into making sure your day is perfect and memorable for you AND your guests. Thankfully, there are experts in the industry to help point us in the right direction when it comes to wedding trends, and 2023 is going to be a fun, bold year! We’re excited to share with you some of the predicted wedding trends of 2023 and how you have a stylish and swank wedding, all while being frugal and leaving your guests excited for your next big event!

Casual Receptions

The days of formal receptions are slowly fading and 2023 hopes to bring a more casual atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Casual receptions create an intimate setting where your guests can let loose, enjoy each other’s company, and mingle. By providing a relaxed environment, you set the stage for a personalized experience that goes beyond a typical wedding, allowing for unique and memorable moments without compromising the refinement of your wedding. Two ways couples have been getting creative with their receptions is through food and entertainment.
Wedding Trends - Casual Receptions

Food That Tells a Story

Food is a big deal at weddings. Couples invest a lot of time and money in selecting the best caterer, determining seating arrangements, and finding the best baker for their cake. But couples have begun shifting away from traditional seated dinners to buffet-style meal service. Buffets can be dressed up to be just as elegant as a plated meal and allow your guests to choose the food they want, reducing waste and potentially leaving enough food for guests to savor seconds or thirds.
Weddings Trends - Dessert Table
The same goes for wedding cakes. Dessert bars are becoming all the rage, offering a plethora of delectable treats versus a traditional slice of cake. You also have the opportunity to get creative with your selection and share an intimate story with your guests. Add a side dish of the fondue you both enjoyed on your first date or the ice cream you dropped in shock as they knelt and popped the question. It’s little touches like these that create the personal moments and lasting impressions couples desire.

Alternative Entertainment

So, your guests are filled up on delicious food and the rocky road ice cream that stained your partner’s favorite shirt, now what? Hit the dance floor and dance the night away, of course! But, how about you spice things up with some additional unique entertainment? Along with tailoring their ceremonies to fit their personalities, 2023 will have couples looking for alternative entertainment options for guests to really let loose and enjoy themselves. This is your opportunity to wow your guests while also providing options for those who aren’t crazy about the idea of turning it up on the dance floor.
Entertainment - Cornhole RSRC Wedding
Entertainment - RSRC Wedding Trends

Private Dances

Most couples are looking for something unique to include on their wedding day, which makes private dances a hot topic for 2023. But what exactly are we talking about? Picture the end of your evening, your guests are starting their final goodbyes, and your cheeks hurt in the best way from hours of laughing and smiling. The photographer pulls you and your partner aside for one last photo op. The speakers start to play a familiar tune and in the quiet of the night, you embrace for one last dance. But this one is different. There aren’t phones recording you, hushed conversations being had on the side, and you aren’t on display for all to see. It’s just the two of you embraced under the lights turning the page to the next chapter of your happily ever after.
Wedding Trends - Private Dances

Outdoor Venues

From the cutest little backyard wedding to large open courtyards, 2023 will be all about wide-open spaces. Thanks to COVID, outdoor venues became a big hit for couples eager to tie the knot during the pandemic, according to Hitched. Even though COVID has taken a back seat, outdoor venues continue to thrive and seem to be popping up all over, and there’s a reason. Outdoor venues provide a natural setting with breathtaking views and natural, ambient light an indoor venue can’t compete with. On top of that, with remote work becoming part of the norm, couples (and everyone for that matter) just want to get outside and have a change of scenery. What better way to do that than with a beautiful celebration out in Mother Nature with natural, picturesque backdrops to highlight your special day?
Wedding Trends - Outdoor Venue RSRC

Bright, Warm Colors

Neutral colors reigned supreme in 2022 and by the end of the year, couples were turning towards bright, warm colors. These vibrant colors have been rapidly gaining popularity and experts are confident this new wedding trend will continue throughout 2023. A warm color palette that includes these trending colors of pinks, oranges, yellows, and even cool blues, will add pop to neutrals, bring your wedding space to life, and make for some spectacular photos. As an added bonus when choosing an outdoor venue, the natural colors of the surrounding landscape pair amazingly with color palettes year-round.
Wedding Trends - Warm Colors

Staying Local

Last on our list of 2023 wedding trends is supporting local. This has become increasing popular not just within weddings, and 2023 is predicted to see an even bigger push. When you choose a local venue or vendor, you support your community and the others who call it home as well; and couples want to give back. Local vendors work hard to protect their reputations and build valuable relationships. By supporting a business within your community, you'll have the benefit of being familiar with reputable vendors in your area, which means less hassle and more time for you to focus on other details for your special day.
Wedding Trends - Support Local
2023 is going to be an amazing year for weddings and Rock Springs Retreat Center has everything you need to check all the boxes for a trendy wedding this year! Host your buffet-style dinner with our 12ft long catering table or use it for your vast array of yummy desserts. Delight your guests with unique entertainment including yard games, putting and chipping, axe throwing, mechanical bull riding, pedal boats, and so much more. Wind down the night with just you and your soulmate dancing under the pergola right by the water. Take advantage of the wide-open space of the outdoor venue with natural backdrops that compliment every aspect of your special day; and with covered solutions available year-round, nothing can stop you from having the time of your life, rain or shine. As a wedding venue and small business within Sumner County, TN, we bring the perfect combination of fun and class, and we’ve built relationships with local vendors who do too! Call us today and let’s make your wedding not only trendy but also one they won’t soon forget!
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