How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Date

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Date

Rock Springs Retreat Center / February 2, 2023 / Anna Rutherford / 0
With a ring on their finger and joy flowing, newly engaged couples begin to dream of the most important date in their lives. Picking out just one day for their perfect wedding can be stressful as they must think about many different factors. From venue availability and holidays to family travel plans and considerations - there is no shortage of details that must be worked out before deciding on "the big day". But fear not sweetheart brides-to-be, let's take a closer look at all these aspects so you can come up with an ideal time for your special occasion!

How Soon is Too Soon?

Some couples may wonder about the right timing for choosing their wedding date following the proposal. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), there are no exact guidelines on this. Some may opt for prolonged engagement and don't feel the urgency to kick-start the preparations, while others might be keen to start immediately. According to research done by The Knot, typically, engagements last 16 months. Before initiating any steps, couples should ask their VIP family members for their opinion. At the end of the day, the presence of your loved ones counts the most, right?
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It can be exciting to consider the possibility of having a wedding during a major holiday. You can have a ceremony to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day or as everyone is already celebrating New Year's, why not celebrate your special day with them? If you prefer Halloween, you can have a night of spookiness with your guests that they will not soon forget. It would also be a fantastic opportunity to plan your wedding during a long weekend such as Memorial Day since it would give your attendees an extra day of rest and relaxation.
Choosing a Holiday Wedding Date
You should be aware that many of these holidays have a high cost attached along with conflicting family plans and limited venue availability. For example, flowers on Valentine's Day are especially expensive, and many venues charge more for events that coincide with holidays like New Year's Eve. If you are thinking of a fall date, consider family travel plans for fall breaks and Thanksgiving. You may want to consider your guests' expenses when deciding on a date for your wedding as they are often more expensive during holidays. While it's your big day to celebrate, you need to keep in mind your guests' expenses when deciding on a date.

A Venue Worth Waiting For

Did you have your heart set on a venue even before your partner proposed? You're probably not the only bride-to-be who has been dreaming of an amazing venue for their special day. If it needs to be "your venue," you may need to be flexible with your date if their calendar is already full. Being flexible with your date can go a long way in securing the venue of your dreams. Pick a season or a span of a few months that you envision your wedding in. Keep in mind that very popular venues can have long waitlists, even when you are flexible. At this point, knowing your priorities for your wedding day is important. There are times when waiting for a venue can be worth it but you also need to know when to walk away.
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Don't Forget the Budget

When it comes to budgeting, you may be trying to cut any costs you can as much as possible. Your wedding date can certainly have an impact on your budget due to seasonality and high-demand weekends. Firstly, certain months are considered to be prime wedding seasons, which means that most wedding venues have two distinct seasons, 'peak season' and 'off-peak season', and their rates vary accordingly. Here is how to show you are the savvy bride-to-be - ask if the venue offers weekday discounts. If you are willing to open your mind to having your wedding on a Tuesday, you could get the venue of your dreams, during the peak season, for a very reasonable price.
Budgeting for your wedding date
Picking a wedding date may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few tips, you can easily determine when the best time for your special day should be. Don’t forget:

  • Consider the season of your wedding and what it may mean for costs, travel, and weather.
  • Make sure that your date isn’t too close to other events or holidays so it won’t clash with any important obligations that your family and friends may have.
  • Knowing your budget going in helps to set healthy expectations for when your big day is.

Once you have carefully considered all the factors that come into play while picking a wedding date, you can make an informed decision that will start off your new married life together in the most beautiful way.
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