2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Rock Springs Retreat Center / April 22, 2022 / Anna Rutherford / 0

Mother’s Day (May 8) is quickly approaching and we’re all on the hunt to find the perfect gift for the moms/friends/sisters/wife in our lives. Instead of the typical flowers and chocolate, why not go for something she’ll use and benefit from? The Fit Farm team searched high and low for the best fitness and wellness gifts in 2022 that were highly rated by customers from across the world to produce this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide. We’ve even included items that Fit Farm Alumni own and love! These gifts can all be purchased online from either Amazon (which should make it in time) or from our website (for Fit Farm at Rock Springs gift certificates which WILL make it on time for Mother’s Day!) and are sure to complement the athletic side of any sporty or fitness-focused mom!

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Alumni Faves

Check out these items that the Fit Farm Alumni own and love that would make great gifts for Mother’s Day!

Massage Lacrosse Balls
Massage Balls

Recommend by: Barb R.
Why we love this: The massage balls are great at helping release muscle knots and tension. Use them while sitting and reading a book, laying in bed watching tv, or on a yoga mat.
Price: $11.69 on Amazon

Shower Foot Massager
Foot Scrubber

Recommend by: Tari B.
Why we love this: Pamper mom’s feet from head to toe with this shower foot massager and scrubber. Its non-slip design is safe for use in the shower, with flexible scrubbing and acupressure bristles.
Price: $12.99 on Amazon

High-Waisted Yoga Pants – Set of 3
Yoga Pants

Recommend by: Tali K.
Why we love this: This set comes with 3 pairs of yoga pants that have outer pockets for large items, and inner pockets for keys, money, etc. The opaque fabric is breathable with seams that grant freedom of movement.
Price: $44.99 on Amazon

Wonder Woman Yoga Pants
Wonder Woman Yoga Pants

Recommend by: Carolyn J.
Why we love this: These are perfect for the Wonder Woman in your life! Choose from 21 different styles and heroines!
Price: $59.99 on Amazon

Foam Massage Tool
Armaid Foam Massage Tool

Recommend by: Jillian S.
Why we love this: This portable foam massage tool is perfect for relieving forearm and upper arm pain. You can adjust the pressure to your needs with this roller that implements professional therapy techniques.
Price: $86.00 on Amazon

Under $10

Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

No Tie Shoe Laces

Why we love this: These are great for athletic shoes to help prevent injury resulting from your shoes coming untied. Choose between 15 colors!
Price: $8.99 on Amazon

Anti-blister Foot Balm

Anti-Blister Balm

Why we love this: If Mom suffers from blisters often, try out Body Glide’s anti-blister balm. This balm is infused with Vitamin A and C to help soften her skin and soothe dry feet. It’s also footwear safe.
Price: $8.99 on Amazon

Fitbit Charge 5 Replacement Bands – Set of 3

Fitbit Replacement Straps

Why we love this: This set includes 3 different colors to mix and match for any outfit! Choose between 7 different colored sets!
Price: $9.99 on Amazon

Under $20

Inspirational Athletic Socks

Inspirational Running Socks

Why we love this: These low-cut socks are designed to provide optimal arch support, ventilation, and motivation! Choose from over 40 different designs!
Price: $11.99 on Amazon

Elastic Band for Fitbit – Set of 3
Fitbit Elastic Bands for Mom

Why we love this: Let mom swap out her Fitbit Versa band with a stylish, breathable, and skin-friendly elastic band! Choose from 8 different sets.
Price: $11.99 on Amazon

Motivational Keyring
Motivational Keyrings

Why we love this: These fitness keyrings are perfect for any sporty mom or friend on a fitness journey.
Price: Keyring on left – $11.99 on Amazon | Keyring on right – $12.99 on Amazon

Inspirational Jewelry
Inspirational Jewelry Mother's Day

Why we love this: With over 125 motivational sayings to choose from, these are perfect for moms, wives, sisters, and friends! They also come with a gift box and card to insert a personal message.
Price: $12.95 on Amazon

20-Ounce Motivational Shaker Bottle
Motivational Shaker Bottle for Mom

Why we love this: Hit that workout strong and proud with these motivational shaker bottles. Choose from 7 different sayings that match mom’s mood or purchase a set at a discounted rate!
Price: $13.95 on Amazon

Under $30

Sports Bag with Wet Pocket and Shoe Compartment
Gym Bag for Moms

Why we love this: This gym bag complements any fitness outing. There’s a separate compartment for your shoes, and a wet pocket to keep your dry items dry. Conveniently on the outside of the bag are pockets for easy access to your water bottles. Choose from 6 different colors!
Price: $22.99 on Amazon

Waterproof Bike Phone Mount
Bike Phone Mount

Why we love this: This phone mount for your bike is a must-have! It has a touch-screen cover to keep your phone dry, a large pouch to hold your belongings, a headphone holder, a reflective design for night riding, and it’s waterproof and easy to install!
Price: $23.99 on Amazon

Women’s Running Shorts
Womens Running Shorts

Why we love this: These high-waisted running shorts have a zipper pocket and are double-layered to provide an enhanced range of motion with the breathable inner layer. Choose from 14 different colors!
Price: $24.99 on Amazon

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
Portable Waterproof Speaker

Why we love this: This portable Bluetooth speaker boasts 24 hours of playtime, is waterproof, and has colorful lights that sync to the beat of your favorite workout jams! Choose from 9 different speaker colors!
Price: $27.99 on Amazon

Under $50

Workout Shirt – Set of 5
Womens Workout Shirts

Why we love this: These shirts are breathable and quick-drying! This set is perfect for a week of exercise and boasts 10 different color options to choose from!
Price: $30.99 on Amazon

Meal Prep Lunch Box
Meal Prep Lunch Box

Why we love this: This meal prep lunch box is the ultimate, complete kit for on the go! Included with the lunch box are portion control food containers, a shaker with compartments for protein and supplements, ice packs, and a storage compartment for your vitamins and medicine. Perfect for outings with family and friends!
Price: $45.95 on Amazon

Bala Bangles
Bala Bangles for Moms

Why we love this: Bala Bangles are all the rage right now! Up your yoga, aerobics, running/walking, HIIT, or home workout with these adjustable weights!
Price: $49.00 on Amazon

Under $100

Shiatsu Back, Shoulder, and Neck Massager
Shiatsu Massager for Mom

Why we love this: Don’t risk damaging your expensive jewelry while working out. These rings are a cute alternative and come in a set with different styles to choose from!
Price: $56.97 on Amazon

Adjustable Weighted Workout Vest
Adjustable Workout Vest

Why we love this: This versatile weighted workout vest can be adjusted from 4-10lbs and has pockets for your belongings!
Price: $59.99 on Amazon

Mini Stair Stepper with Resistance Bands
Stair Stepper

Why we love this: Enhance your at-home workout with this mini stair stepper! It has resistance bands, a digital monitor, and can be adjusted to your desired height.
Price: $56.59 on Amazon

Over $100

Beats Fit Pro
Beats Fit Pro

Why we love this: Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones provide stability and comfort with their flexible and secure-fit design. The spatial audio feature allows for an immersive experience with dynamic head tracking and they also provide active noise canceling.
Price: $199.95 on Amazon

Shiatsu Foot Massager
Foot Massager

Why we love this: Ease your tired feet and legs through the deep kneading of this shiatsu foot massager! It stimulates blood flow, promoting muscle recovery so you can get back on your feet!
Price: $287.99 on Amazon

Schwinn Recumbent Bike
Schwinn Bike

Why we love this: This is a less-expensive alternative to the Fitbit Sense. It’s got everything you need for your fitness journey including heart rate monitoring, fitness and wellness tracker, and more!
Price: $499.99 on Amazon

A Stay at Fit Farm at Rock Springs
A Stay at Fit Farm at Rock Springs

Why we love this: Give the ultimate gift of health and wellness to the mom in your life with a stay at Fit Farm at Rock Springs! Stays are all-inclusive and include 7+ hours of fitness and education daily, nutritious and delicious meals, on-site lodging, and luxurious amenities!
Price: $50-$12,000. Gift certificates can be purchased here!

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed price at the time of publication.


Let us know if you tried any of the items in our Mother’s Day gift guide and what your favorite Mother’s Day/fitness and wellness gift to give in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest health and wellness news and for more fitness gift guides, check out our blog!