the resort

Tennessee's ultimate adult playground.

Where wellness, fun, and the outdoors meet.

200 Acres of Adventure

Rock Springs Retreat Center is 40 miles north of Nashville, TN. Fitness facilities, generously appointed Fit Farm guest accommodations, a scenic lake, and Middle Tennessee's premier event venues - are highlights of our 200-acre pastoral property.

We have taken advantage of the beautiful Tennessee weather and created the ultimate adult playground where wellness and the outdoors meet to provide diversity and adventure during your visit.


Get Fresh Air and Work up a Sweat

With everything from a 9-hole frisbee golf course, football field, basketball/tennis court, sand volleyball court, putting and chipping green, and swimming pool, you are sure to get plenty of fresh air while working up a sweat.

relax and pamper yourself

Our Serenity Day Spa is a hidden sanctuary within the retreat center and the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself. Our massage, facial, and skin treatments are designed to enhance any retreat type you are experiencing here at Rock Springs Retreat Center.

fitness facilities

We use our farm creatively to provide variety in an environment where you are challenging your physical fitness. Working out doesn’t always require a gym or even standard equipment. The 80,000-square-foot resort offers temperature-controlled indoor spaces and beautiful creative outdoor spaces for your workout. With our Whippy Barn gyms and Main Lodge fitness facilities, we have workout spaces in 15+ different locations across the farm.

the main lodge facilities

The Lodge is the heart of our resort. It is open throughout the day and late into the evening so Fit Farm guests can experience any of the amenities it has to offer. In addition to the amenities available in the building for all guests during their stay, the facility and surrounding area allow for a vast array of indoor and outdoor workouts.
The Corral Lodge Fitness Facility

the corral

cardio + strength

The Corral is where we focus on cardio and strength training. It is located in our Main Lodge and is adjoined to The Farmyard, allowing for indoor and outdoor classes combining both cardio and strength training.

The Farmyard Lodge Fitness Facility

the farmyard

hitt workouts

The Farmyard is a massive outdoor workout space used for group training where little to no equipment is required. You will enjoy classes focused on HITT type workouts. You might even get to flip a tire (or two). It is adjoined to the Corral and The Whippy Trails.

The Sunset Terrace Lodge Fitness Facility

the sunset terrace

yoga to end your day

The Sunset Terrace offers one of the most breath-taking, panoramic views of the entire Rock Springs Retreat Center property. The terrace is the perfect location for sunset yoga at the end of the day.


the swimming hole

low impact aerobics

The Swimming Hole is a guest favorite workout location here at the retreat center. Low impact water aerobics classes are a great way to burn calories, tone muscles, increase cardiovascular strength without straining muscles and joints. View pool seasonality information.
The Whippy Trail for outdoor cardio

the whippy trail

for walks or runs

The Whippy Trail is a combination of all the Rock Springs Retreat Center property paths. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely 1-mile walk or a more intense cross country 5K challenge, our property lends itself well to an outdoor cardio workout. As a dog-friendly property, the Whippy Trails are the perfect activity for you and your furry friend to get outside and play.


The Whippy Barn Gyms

The Whippy Barn is an 18,000 sq. ft. workout and training facility where guests can join scheduled classes or workout on their own. Each gym within the barn features different equipment, allowing for various workouts all under one roof.


the arena

bodyweight training

This 4,500+ sq foot gym is used for group training classes requiring little to no equipment. You will enjoy workouts featuring bodyweight, kettleball, TRX, bands, and other types of at home equipment. The gym also features battle ropes, prowler, The Whippy Wheel, a peg wall, and your favorite child hood gym experience “the rope”.


the rodeo

cardio + strength training

12,000+ sq foot gym featuring weights, cardio, and open spaces. This versatile space allows for classes exclusive to cardio, strength training, or any combination. The Arena and Rodeo gyms are connected, allowing for even more class diversity by using the two spaces together.


the brawl box

boxing + spinning

The Brawl Box is home to our boxing and spinning workouts to get you in fighting condition! Both are high impact cardio workouts that are calorie burners.


the fit pit

yoga + low impact

The Fit Pit is a smaller, more intimate room in the barn where Yoga or other lower intensity, low impact workouts are offered.

Outdoor Recreation

Get fresh air and work up a sweat with a plethora of invigorating activities at our outdoor recreational facilities. Whether it's spiking the ball on our volleyball court, perfecting your aim on our pickleball court, or navigating the scenic frisbee golf course, there's no shortage of thrilling options to elevate your fitness journey amidst the beauty of nature.

Sand Pit

Volleyball Court

The Sand Pit offers the perfect blend of sun, sand, and friendly competition, providing an enjoyable and challenging experience for players of all skill levels. With soft, fine sand underfoot and the invigorating outdoor ambiance, it's an ideal spot to bump, set, and spike your way to fun and fitness.

Tackle Box

Football Field

Nestled amidst nature's beauty, the Tackle Box beckons both seasoned players and aspiring athletes alike. With the sun illuminating the field and a gentle breeze sweeping through, this picturesque setting creates the ideal ambiance for flag football.

Hoops & Coops

Basketball Court

Step onto our outdoor basketball court, where the love of the game and the joy of playing under the open sky unite. Surrounded by the sounds of laughter and the cheers of teammates, this court fosters a sense of community and sportsmanship as players of all ages and skill levels come together to share in the timeless magic of basketball. 

Racket Sports

Tennis & Pickleball Court

Our versatile outdoor recreational court converges the love for both tennis and pickleball. The court's vibrant lines and net stand proudly against the backdrop of lush surroundings, inviting players of all levels to engage in lively matches, improve their technique, and revel in the sheer enjoyment of these engaging and fast-paced games.

Frisbee Golf

9-hole Scenic course

Embark on a captivating outdoor adventure that combines the excitement of frisbee throwing with the strategic elements of traditional golf. Wind through picturesque landscapes and navigate challenging fairways as you aim to sink your disc into the target baskets in as few throws as possible. Get ready to set out on a journey of skill, precision, and outdoor enjoyment.

Putting & Chipping Green

Master Your Short Game

Hone your precision and finesse on our putting and chipping green. This perfectly manicured outdoor space is designed to help golfers of all levels master the delicate art of putting and the artful touch of chipping. Our green is a golfer's paradise when it comes to practicing those critical short game shots, ensuring you can confidently approach any challenging hole with ease.

Obstacle courses

In true Rock Springs Retreat Center fashion, we’ve added a few unique features to the property to amp up our playground. Whether you're a guest for a retreat, corporate or private event, wedding, or public event, our Leadership Reactionary Tower and Fury Obstacle Course offer another level of activity and engagement during your visit.


the leadership reactionary tower

a military-style course

The Leadership Reactionary Tower is a 6-lane military-style obstacle course designed to challenge participants both mentally and physically. While we may have used the military concept as our inspiration, we aren’t aiming to create soldiers here at Rock Springs, just provide a similar experience. Our obstacles have been built low to the ground, so participants get the experience of negotiating difficult physical obstacles as a team but feeling safe at the same time.


the fury obstacle course

for newbies to OCR enthusiasts

The Fury Obstacle Course is a permanent course here at Rock Springs and designed for everyone from the OCR enthusiast to newbies in the sport. Our course features 15+ unique obstacles that include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, balance, strength, a natural water source, and more. OCR racing will put your strength, endurance, and determination to the test.

Meeting Spaces

Rock Springs offers 6 unique meeting spaces ranging from traditional and formal to casual and engaging. Let the uniqueness of our spaces inspire and fuel your self-hosted or corporate retreat's objectives in a one-of-a-kind and memorable manner.

Fire Pit

Casual + Inviting

Gather around the blaze for high-intensity pow-wows or for s’mores and chats! We can accommodate 20 seated and many more against a tree!

Fit Pit

Formal + Traditional

Meeting space for 10-30 participants. Includes tables and chairs, projector, and screen. Seating can be done in rounds or theatre style (depending on group size).

The Spa

Intimate + Relaxing

An intimate space perfect for small groups looking for conversational-style seating. The Spa's ambiance sets the mood for open discussions in a relaxing environment.

The Springs

Open + Entertaining

Our outdoor event space is ideal for groups of 10 up to 500+. Featuring a lake view, multiple yard games, AV equipment, tables, and chairs to accommodate the group.


Comfortable + Flexible

Our private movie theater is the ideal space for a group of up to 11 to host a movie viewing, present your company strategies, or host a speaker. The room features 11 comfortable, reclining seats, a projector, and surround sound to enhance your event.

Whippy Barn Rodeo

Active + Engaging

Our largest multi-purpose room where larger groups can gather. The room has fitness equipment located along the outside walls leaving the center of the room wide-open for tables, chairs or other features to be loaded into the room for your group.

relax and pamper yourself

Our Serenity Day Spa is a hidden sanctuary within the retreat center and the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself. Our massage, facial, and skin treatments are designed to enhance any retreat type you are experiencing here at Rock Springs Retreat Center.
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Recharge & Rejuvenate

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our invigorating massages, expertly tailored to rejuvenate your body and mind. Let our skilled massage therapists melt away tension and revitalize your senses, leaving you refreshed and ready to embrace every moment of your journey.


Unveil Your Inner Glow

Enhance your radiant glow with revitalizing facials designed to nourish and pamper your skin. Our expert estheticians use sumptuous products to help you unwind, restore your skin's vitality, and radiate a newfound confidence throughout your wellness experience.

Foot Detox

Serenity from Sole to Soul

Experience the serenity of a peaceful foot soak, working to gently draw toxins out of your body through your feet. When combined with the therapeutic benefits of infrared and tens healing solutions, revel in a revitalizing detox while indulging in a hands-free mini-massage, providing you with the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.


Therapeutic Oasis

Reap the rewards of post-workout relaxation by immersing yourself in the purifying warmth of our rejuvenating sauna. Let the sauna's therapeutic heat melt away stress, detoxify your body, and promote a profound sense of relaxation, making it the perfect complement to your fitness retreat experience.

Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy Haven

Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of our hot tub and discover the perfect complement to your fitness retreat. The hot tub's therapeutic jets gently massage and relax your muscles, providing much-needed relief after challenging workouts. Embrace the rejuvenating benefits of hydrotherapy as it promotes better blood circulation, reduces stress, and enhances your sense of well-being.

Massage Chair

Escape to Tranquility

Indulge in a blissful relaxation experience with our complimentary massage chair. Sink into its ergonomic embrace as it envelops you in soothing comfort and offers a customized massage tailored to your needs. Let the tension melt away from your muscles, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace all the fitness and wellness activities our retreat has to offer.

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