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Life moves fast.

It’s easy to lose track of ourselves amid our daily routines and obligations. Rock Springs Retreat Center is here to help you hit the reset button.

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What is Rock Springs Retreat Center?

Rock Springs Retreat Center is an exclusive destination limited to 24 rooms for your personal and private getaway. In the words of our founder, RSRC is “a destination meant to be experienced.” Everything we have to offer is centered around providing activities to make you laugh like a kid again.

travel alone or with a friend

Whether you are here for a personal retreat or a group event, the activities we provide will make your time at RSRC something to remember. Connect with others or reconnect with yourself on our pastoral resort of excitement and adventure. Travel alone or with a friend; we’re here to help you hit the reset button and rediscover yourself and new friendships along the way.

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What is Fit Farm at Rock Springs?

Fit Farm encompasses all of the fitness, wellness, and weight loss programs within the Rock Springs Retreat Center and is our facility's original name. Owners Kris Intress and Pat Stefen transformed this beautiful horse farm in middle Tennessee to what has become to be known as Fit Farm. Both come from a farmer's life in Wisconsin, and they immediately identify farmers as the pillar of strength, hard work, and the simplicities of life.


we are a fit farm, not a fat farm

Where hard work and determination provide results. The original naming represented so much more than simply a name and described the hard work it takes for someone during a fitness journey. As we've grown into Rock Springs Retreat Center, it only makes sense for us to hold onto Fit Farm's legacy name to continue to honor our business's origin.

Real food for real life

While each of our retreats offers its own culinary experience, the heart of our philosophy remains the same. Here you will learn how to enjoy food in a way that is meaningful to you. Decades worth of knowledge goes into preparing our menu options to help you achieve your goal. So, if you need a plan for weight loss, weight gain, or want to expand your culinary expertise, the RSRC kitchen labs have a culinary treat in store for you.

Ready to start your fitness journey?

Life is too short to settle. Let Rock Springs Retreat Center help you get started.

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Physical Activity and
Emotional Well-being

through shared experiences

Our focus is to bring people together through shared experiences that promote physical activity and emotional wellbeing. To shock you out of the mundane and make you feel vital, alive, and connected. Recharge your battery and renew your enthusiasm for life on our 200 acres of pure adult playground in the lush green hills of Middle Tennessee, just 40 minutes north of Nashville.

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well-appointed comfort + engaging activities

RSRC provides everything you need to be healthy, relaxed and energized. What’s more revitalizing than well-appointed comfort, engaging activities, and the tranquility of nature?

Rainbow at Fit Farm Lodge

recharge + renew on our north nashville resort

Fitness facilities spanning 80,000 square feet, a scenic lake, and The Springs - Middle Tennessee's premier Event Venue - are highlights of our 200-acre pastoral property.

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enjoy local attractions to enhance your stay

Life is full of exciting possibilities and experiences. Are you ready to shake things up and try something new? During your stay, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of curated experiences designed to enhance your stay.