RSRC Founder Kris Intress

A Warm Welcome from our RSRC Founder

Rock Springs Retreat Center / February 16, 2021 / rockspringsrc / 0

Welcome to Rock Springs Retreat Center

and thank you for joining our community of individuals seeking to feel inspired, alive, and connected.

Our Goal is to Positively Impact Lives

As an entrepreneur, I have started many ventures but none that I hold as passionately or that represents my values better than this 200-acre experience designed to transform lives. This chapter of my story began in 2017 when I realized that the demands of my career had displaced my attention to my health. Having watched my parents struggle with obesity and recently overcoming the loss of my mother, I realized I wanted to pursue a dream with a different measure of success and focus on positively impacting lives. I wanted to challenge the status quo and help others take control of their health, wellness, and happiness.

Fit Farm – Where Our Story Began

This vision became Fit Farm, an all-inclusive fitness and weight loss retreat that has transformed thousands of lives over the past several years. We lead our guests through breakdowns and breakthroughs as they pursue more for themselves, meeting them where they are in their journey and providing the tools, resources, and encouragement they need to push through to their next level.

As our guests fell in love with Fit Farm, they often commented that they wished they could experience the property in additional ways. They asked to bring their families, friends, and co-workers, to say “I do” surrounded by the magic of the farm, to host the big moments of their life here. They wanted to experience more aspects of their life in our supportive and transformative environment, and it’s happening!

Presenting Rock Springs Retreat Center!

We’ve evolved into Rock Springs Retreat Center (RSRC), a destination meant to be experienced. Our engaged and experiential retreat and event center now offers expanded retreat offerings, weddings, private events, and corporate events. Our fitness and weight loss programs are redesigned to be better than ever and will now be known as Fit Farm at Rock Springs.

What Makes RSRC Special

What makes RSRC special is that it’s not only about YOU, our guest, but it’s also about who you WANT to become. I want you to know you’re not just another nameless client when you walk onto the farm. Here, we greet you at the door and meet you where you are in your life journey. Our expert trainers and staff will push you if that is what you desire or simply provide an intimate and safe environment where you can rest.

We’re Ready to Welcome You

Come meet our team and let us be a part of your escape. In turn, you will become part of our community, not just during your stay, but for as long as you need support, education, suggestions, an annual retreat from the noise, or just a friend. Not only will our team be here for you, but you are also likely to form lifelong friendships as you connect with those guests traveling a similar path. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity and pursue my vision; I hope you’ll join me.

See you on the farm or in the spa.


– – Kristin Intress, Founder of Rock Springs Retreat Center [RSRC]