3D Body Scanning at Fit Farm at Rock Springs

3D Body Scanning for Results

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When it comes to measuring results, Fit Farm at Rock Springs doesn’t play around. With four key methodologies, their data-driven approach produces accurate results that help you achieve a real “body reset.” Of the four, STYKU 3D Body Scanning is the most cutting-edge technology that produces remarkable progress results in a matter of seconds!


What is STYKU 3D Body Scanning?

STYKU is a body scanner that provides interactive 3D visuals of your body before and after, so you know exactly where you were when you started your fitness journey and where you are now. Below is a sample timeline of one of our client’s fitness journey at the farm!

STYKU 3D Body Scanning

How Does 3D Body Scanning Work and What are the Results?

Your entire body is scanned in a non-invasive manner (form-fitted clothing can be worn) in a manner of seconds. Within those few seconds, a progress report is drawn showing how you’ve improved since your previous scan. Not only do you receive a 3D model of yourself showing before and after results, but a 2D model overlay is provided along with a chart of your biometric data! This biometric data includes an in-depth analysis of your torso, neck, arms, and legs. With this information, Fit Farm at Rock Springs can customize your target goals and caloric intake. A sample report is below.

STYKU Testing Report at Fit Farm

Check out this quick video below from STYKU to see 3D body scanning in action!


Pairing your STYKU results with Fit Farm’s other three testing formats creates an unstoppable force of results! Want to learn more about Fit Farm’s other testing services? Check out our blog, “Guaranteed Measurable Fitness Results.”


Confirmed Weighable Results From Previous Guests

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our previous guests have to save about how they achieved their weight loss and fitness goals with the help of Fit Farm at Rock Springs! Check out testimonials left by previous guests!

At Fit Farm, results are taken seriously. We want you to know that your hard work has paid off and encourage you to continue your journey with the life skills you have learned during your stay at the farm. Ready to get a jumpstart on your fitness journey? Contact Fit Farm at Rock Springs today and let’s get moving!