Accurate Body Fat Measuring at Fit Farm

Accurate Body Fat Measuring

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There are so many ways to measure your body fat composition, but ever notice how one reading will differ from another? Which body fat measurement is accurate? What should you base your health and fitness levels on? Today, there is a method considered the golden standard that many health experts utilize for accurate body fat measuring that you can depend on. This method is known as hydrostatic testing.


What is Hydrostatic Testing?

hydrostatic underwater testing

Hydrostatic testing, also known as hydrostatic underwater weighing, is a process that involves submerging you in a tank with a special scale. This test calculates your overall body composition and determines your body fat to lean mass ratio. Because fat is less dense than bone or muscle, the higher the fat ratio, the more buoyant you become. You’ll find that your results are consistent because fat and lean tissue always displace a specific amount of water.


How Accurate is Hydrostatic Testing for Body Fat Measuring?

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Hydrostatic testing goes beyond typical measurement equipment to measure your body composition. You will find your accuracy falls within 1.8%-2.8% compared to other methods. With such a high accuracy level, it’s easy to see why hydrostatic testing is considered the gold standard for body fat measurement. It’s even used as a benchmark for other body fat testing methods. With dependable and true results, hydrostatic testing is the perfect way to measure your fitness progress. It’s no wonder that it’s recognized by athletes worldwide.


Where to Get Hydrostatic Testing?

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Testing for the public is limited and can be difficult to find. However, if you’re looking to know your most accurate body fat measurement, Fit Farm at Rock Springs Retreat Center offers an upgraded testing package. This package includes a hydrostatic dunk tank test to help you maximize your fitness results!



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