Fit Farm Guest Success Story – Lee from Florida

Fit Farm Guest Success Story - Lee from Florida

Six years ago, Lee’s life was a different story. Weighing over 300lbs and exhausted after walking his dogs only half a block, Lee had come face-to-face with his mortality. Heartbroken at the thought of leaving behind his loving wife and daughter who meant so much to him, this was Lee’s wake-up call – enough is enough! From then on in he committed himself to implementing attainable lifestyle changes that, most importantly, didn’t make him miserable but still progressed him forward …


Fat Farms for Seniors

Fat Farms for Seniors Fit Farm

Researching weight loss camps or fat farms for seniors isn’t easy, but if you’re over 50 and wondering how to lose weight and get fit again, then you’re not alone! It can be difficult finding a program that isn’t too intense or too lax, but rather, is unique to you and your personal goals. At Fit Farm at Rock Springs, we believe that fat farms for seniors need to change, which is why we’re not a ‘fat farm’, we’re a …

Fit Farm Alumni: Steve DeCaspers

Fit Farm Fitness Retreat Alumni Steve

Finding the right balance between your everyday life and your health can be challenging. It’s easy to get caught up with work and lose sight of what’s really important, taking care of you. We often don’t consider the thought of putting ourselves first until we’ve felt the side effects come to fruition. The team at Rock Springs Retreat Center is proud to share the story our one of our first Alumni Advisory Board Members, Steve DeCaspers, and how he conquered …


Fit Farm at Rock Springs, a Healing Place for All

Fit Farm at Rock Springs, a Healing Place For All

Often, when people think of attending a fitness retreat, the first things that come to mind are the physical benefits. Depending on the retreat, that could be exactly what you get, and only that. But here at Fit Farm at Rock Springs, it’s more than just losing weight and getting physically fit. It’s a safe place where you can find healing by opening your heart to people who were once strangers and are now family. We’d like to share with …

Fit Farm Alumni: Gary S.

Fit Farm Alumni Gary S

The team at Fit Farm at Rock Springs is excited to share with you Alumni Advisory Board Member Gary’s inspiring journey! Gary has had amazing success with the Fit Farm program and lost an impressive 70 lbs. in nine weeks! Fit Farm energized and gave him the motivation to transform his life. The knowledge and skills he learned while on the farm are now a part of who he is. Gary originally came to Fit Farm with the goal to …

Fit Farm Alumni: Ginger Phillips

Fit Farm Alumni Ginger

The team at Fit Farm at Rock Springs is happy to share with you the story of one of our very first guests ever and 2022 Alumni Advisory Board Member, Ginger Phillips! The first fitness retreat she attended at Fit Farm was back in April 2017 (exactly 5 years ago this month!). She hit her personal weight loss goal of 12lbs in 2017 and has maintained and exceeded her goal all these years, losing a total of 35lbs! Throughout the …