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Welcome to Serenity

Experience our farm hideaway including both fitness and self-care in one beautiful destination.
Discover our signature services, from massages, facials, and body treatments to unique fitness classes, aromatherapy, and more!
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Serenity Day Spa

Indulge in wellness with our outdoor pool and hot tub surrounded by beautiful views, our indoor sauna, signature massage and facial services, and our spa relaxation sanctuary.
Exquisite massage services
Recovery through healing therapies
Skin rejuvenation for a radiant complexion
Aromatherapy and detoxes

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    Linda is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor who provides a thoughtful approach to your healing while you’re here on the farm. She believes a massage is a co-creation between the therapist and client - individualizing each session to your specific needs and desired outcomes.

    Linda has over 20+ years of experience ranging from destination spas, fitness retreats, medical centers, private practice, and massage therapist road warrior. She has traveled near and far to provide services to her clients. She loves all things in nature, including hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and more.

    Linda Nunn

    “Linda N was really what made Fit Farm such a special experience for me."
    -Janel Kluesner
    "Linda, the massage therapist, knows just how to remove the aches and pains after a full day of workouts."
    -Becky Kirkland


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