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Bariatric Surgery and Fitness Retreats

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How they can help you reach goals

Making the decision to take charge of your health is never easy; as we all know, losing weight can be daunting. It requires dedication, support, and a plan that works for you. After trying numerous diets and exercise regimens, many people find that they cannot lose the weight they desire on their own. But with the combination of bariatric surgery and a fitness retreat, achieving your weight loss goals can be more achievable than ever before. Let's explore how these two approaches can work together to jumpstart your journey toward better health and create lasting change.

What is Bariatric Surgery & How Does it Help You Lose Weight?

Reduced Hunger and Calories from Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric surgery is a type of surgery designed to help people lose weight and lower their risk of health problems associated with obesity. Several types of bariatric surgeries are available today, such as sleeve gastrectomy or lap band procedures; each one works differently, but all involve reducing the size of the stomach or intestines. The result is that an individual feels fuller faster, thus consuming fewer calories over time. Additionally, bariatric surgery helps reduce hunger hormones in the body, which helps patients control their cravings for unhealthy foods.

While it appears that bariatric surgery could be the answer to many of obesity's problems, it's important to note that while it has been proven effective in helping people significantly reduce their weight over time, it's not a quick-fix solution. Bariatric surgery should only be considered after speaking with your doctor and exhausting other methods such as dieting and exercise. The decision to have this surgery is not looked at as an inconsequential choice by professionals. Therefore, there are multiple evaluations and milestones that must be completed in order to be considered as a candidate for surgery. This includes psychological evaluation, meeting milestones to show commitment, and education. Several health conditions must also be considered, as obesity adds high risk in any surgical procedure.
After speaking with post-bariatric surgery patients, we found there are two key areas that are often the most challenging – achieving the goals pre-surgery and the plateau post-surgery.

Reaching Your Goals to Qualify for Bariatric Surgery

How to reach your goals for bariatric surgery
There are typically weight targets that must be hit in order to be considered for bariatric surgery, which often garners the reaction, "If I could lose the weight, I wouldn't be doing this procedure." However, bariatric surgery is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to successful weight loss. So, how do you suddenly change years of behaviors and navigate through what got you to this place? Family, friends, work, and daily routines are all contributing factors. You can't just turn these all off. How can you put yourself in a new head space, physically and emotionally, to achieve the necessary weight goals? Also, how do you start preparing for the drastic changes that will happen post-surgery? Your same support system and eco-structure are all waiting at your doorstep when you get home. How do you find a way to create new habits and, more importantly, sustainable habits? A fitness retreat can help you find the answers to these questions.

How a Fitness Retreat Can Prepare You for Bariatric Surgery

Reaching Your Goals For Bariatric Surgery Fitness Retreat
A fitness retreat can be a great way to jumpstart changes necessary before bariatric surgery. It's a chance to break out of the normal routine, get away from distractions, and focus solely on getting healthy. Fitness retreats are typically a week-long (or more) residential program that provides guidance and support to help people reach their weight loss goals through healthy lifestyle changes.

The individualized approach of identifying what works best for your needs at these retreats allows you to achieve your best results. During the retreat, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with certified fitness professionals and dieticians to develop an exercise and meal plan that targets your specific concerns and long-term goals. With the resources provided at a fitness retreat, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to continue making healthy changes in your lifestyle that will last long after the retreat has ended and can optimize your success after the life-changing surgery.

Plateauing After Bariatric Surgery

Plateau After Bariatric Surgery
About six months after surgery, eating right stops having the momentum of weight loss. You have to change the formula by reassessing/modifying your exercise regimen to continue moving towards your goals, but often obesity gets in the way of movement and fitness. Have you ever worn a 100lb weight jacket? Try 250lbs. Walking, stairs and daily routines are all challenging. Also, upper body strength often deteriorates because there is little need for it when you are just trying to be mobile. Where do you start to build it back up? Push-ups??? All of this can be very daunting and can often create a backward slip in success. Old habits creep in, and self-doubt becomes your nemesis. How do you find a safe place to start this process judgment-free and void of the voices in your head?
Achieving the goals pre-bariatric surgery and plateauing afterward are only part of the challenge of the journey, but they're the most consequential. So, how do you find healthy options to conquer these key areas for success – support systems and accountability partners with a strong voice and passion for your success. No one wants to be lectured, but someone on the same journey can create empathy and compassion. Ultimately, having a strong source of support will give you the confidence needed to maintain positive progress toward successful bariatric surgery results.

Life After Bariatric Surgery - Taking Control of Your Progress

Taking Control After Bariatric Surgery
Taking control of your post-bariatric surgery progress means being informed about the food you consume, seeking therapy for support, and engaging in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Knowing what is in your food does not require spending your whole paycheck to eat right. By learning how to cook in the kitchen and how to control your macro intake, you can confidently choose your meals versus eating out at a restaurant. The food we consume in the restaurant empire is designed to make us want more through high-fat content and carbs that create a sense of happiness and satisfaction. After all, repeat business is key to success, and they're in the business to be profitable. With Americans eating out now more than ever, food service sales have skyrocketed since the 80s, resulting in one-third of American adults eating fast food every day, according to the CDC. By learning basic nutritional information and easy ways to approach cooking, sustainable change can be made. Take cooking classes, buy real food (not processed), do food prep, and eat what you enjoy in moderation.

  • Therapy or a life coach will help change the voices in your head and stay focused on forward movement. A therapist will help dive into your past to uncover the reason you developed your perspective and often generate self-sabotaging and negative self-inflicting behavior. A life coach should help you set goals and become an accountability partner that is not your friend but your ally through a safe relationship that is not influenced by personal backstories.

  • Lastly, join a gym with a swimming pool and group classes. Starting an exercise routine is hard enough, but excess weight prevents us often from completing key movements. Water is the best vehicle for low-stress, high-impact results. A swim in the pool offers aerobic exercise and full-body strength training, which helps to maintain a healthy weight and build muscle without putting high impact on joints. Join group classes to stay active and learn more about safe exercising. Often, you will find a "workout" buddy that will keep you engaged and accountable. It never hurts to build some comradery and enjoy a couple of good laughs along the way.
Bariatric surgery can be a great way to start your weight loss journey and get healthier, but it's not always easy to maintain results afterward. A committed program of healthy eating habits and regular exercise is essential for maintaining long-term success, and a fitness retreat can be the keystone to help you make lasting lifestyle changes.
  • Fitness retreats typically offer workshops on nutritional topics such as portion control, mindful eating, how to make a balanced meal, meal prep, and so forth.
  • At the retreat, you'll have access to a life coach who will help you stay on track, teach you goal-setting techniques, and provide the accountability and encouragement necessary to defeat old habits.
  • Finding a fitness retreat with a swimming pool and group classes will provide both movement and comradery. Swimming will help you stay active.
  • Other guests (as well as the staff) at a fitness retreat become each other's support system. Being in an environment surrounded by individuals who have similar goals will allow you to form meaningful connections while burning calories.

The Benefits of Combining Bariatric Surgery with a Fitness Retreat

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery at a Fitness Retreat
Combining bariatric surgery with a fitness retreat can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to create and support long-term weight loss success. While bariatric surgery allows individuals to reduce their overall food intake, a fitness retreat helps them develop healthier habits through physical activity while also providing them access to experienced professionals who can guide them along the way. This powerful combination gives patients the opportunity to focus on their own self-care while building a foundation for lasting success. You'll have the motivation, education, and accountability you need to maximize your health outcome after bariatric surgery.

By taking advantage of both approaches—medical intervention and lifestyle modification—you can ensure that you reach your goals safely and sustainably while making significant progress on your journey toward better health and wellness! To learn more about how Fit Farm at Rock Springs can help you jumpstart your weight loss journey, contact us today!
Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider pre- and post-surgery to confirm if attending a fitness retreat is right for you.