Fat Camp is Out Weight Loss Camp is In

Fat camp is OUT. Weight Loss camp is IN.

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What is a Fat Farm or Fat Camp?

Fat Farms for adults (also called Fat Camps) got their start in the early 1900s and are still in operation today as a get-fit-quick solution. Typically geared towards women, these camp-like destinations promise fast and drastic weight loss through diet and light calisthenics. The problem with the fat camp approach is that the big promise of quick weight loss relies heavily on an unhealthy reduction in the number of calories taken in every day while at the farm. A fat farm provides temporary results and lacks the structure and professional guidance necessary to help people make real, lasting lifelong changes.

What is a Weight Loss Camp or Weight Loss Retreat?

Weight loss camps for adults (also called weight loss retreats), like Fit Farm at Rock Springs, take a hands-on educational approach to health and wellness. At a weight loss camp, guests are taught how to break unhealthy habits and replace them with sustainable, life-long changes. You are also provided with personalized meal plans, trainer-led fitness classes, nutrition courses, and life coaching. The holistic approach of a weight loss retreat allows you to lose weight, build muscle, practice healthy eating, and improve your health and fitness under the support and guidance of trained professionals.

The results achieved at a fat camp or fat farm are achieved through calorie reduction alone are not only temporary, but they are dangerous. Fat camp attendees often see swing-back weight gains after leaving the restrictive camp environment for the nutritional freedom of the real world. That is why it is so important to enroll in a weight loss program that employs fitness experts who teach you healthy, approachable, and proven principles for building better habits that work in real life. These principles stay with you long after you leave the retreat and give you the best possible chance at maintaining weight loss and overall health.

Where are Weight Loss Camps Located?

The best weight loss camps in the US are located in and near desirable destinations that also provide the seclusion and privacy necessary to allow their guests to truly focus on the tasks at hand. When you’re putting in the sweat equity, the beauty of the surrounding landscape can make all the difference in motivating and inspiring you to do your best and push forward. In addition, camps that aim to bring a healthy wellness and life-balancing aspect to the training equation place focus on what attendees do outside of exercise hours as well. Many farms offer much-needed stress relieving activities like spa treatments, massages, cooking classes, movies and social events. You won’t find these things at a typical fat farm, which is entirely focused on short-term results, despite unproven effectiveness for attendees long-term.

Who should go to a Weight Loss Retreat?

Unlike fat farms, weight loss retreats appeal to everyone looking to lose weight and improve their health. From singles, to couples, to corporate teams, to hosted retreats groups, every guest can find the support they need in a healthy environment guided by experienced professionals. Perhaps you are self-motivated and prefer to exercise alone. Maybe you and your partner would like to work on your goals together, or you and your friends want to take a vacation where you leave in better shape than when you arrived. A weight loss retreat is the perfect getaway to reach your goals and reset your life!

Many people prefer to attend a weight loss camp alone. Weight loss camps build personalized programs for each attendee based on their current fit level and their weight loss goals. Attendees will experience a combination of group and independent activities designed to support you both mentally and physically. Whether you attend alone or with a friend or partner, you’ll quickly feel at home as you connect with other guests over your similar goals.

What do you eat at a Weight Loss Camp?

Attendees of the best weight loss camps receive three healthful gourmet meals and multiple snacks every day. Unlike fat farms, which place their guests on severe calorie deficits, weight loss retreats use your resting metabolic rate to determine the right calorie intake for you. Food is fuel for the body and proper nutrition is vital to restoring energy reserves and repairing the muscles you’re breaking down during the day. Without proper nutrition, your performance will be directly impacted. At a good weight loss camp, you will also receive nutritional guidance from trained experts. From meal plans to healthier alternatives to your favorite foods, you will be armed with the knowledge to continue healthy eating habits once you return home.

Fat Farm or Weight Loss Camp – What’s right for you?

Fat farms may tempt you with attractive pricing and big promises of drastic weight reduction but at what cost? You will not receive the guidance of health and fitness experts, your mental health will not be supported, and your nutritional needs will not be met in a healthy way. The fat farm experience pushes short-term achievements designed to make their business look good quickly but lack long-term results. An intentional and holistic weight loss camp designed to help you on your fitness journey provides results during your stay and life-long impact once you return home.

If you want a quality weight management experience that supports you mentally and physically, look no further than the experience provided by weight loss camps and retreats. The principles that these camps provide improve the health and wellness of their attendees in a healthy, supportive environment. When your personal health is on the line, you want the best professionals and experts guiding you to a healthier lifestyle. Your future and your health are worth it!