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Fit Farm Alumni: Ginger Phillips

Rock Springs Retreat Center / April 30, 2022 / Anna Rutherford / 0
The team at Fit Farm at Rock Springs is happy to share with you the story of one of our very first guests ever and 2022 Alumni Advisory Board Member, Ginger Phillips! The first fitness retreat she attended at Fit Farm was back in April 2017 (exactly 5 years ago this month!). She hit her personal weight loss goal of 12lbs in 2017 and has maintained and exceeded her goal all these years, losing a total of 35lbs! Throughout the years since her first visit, Ginger has instilled the knowledge and skills she gained while at Fit Farm into her personal life and has had a remarkable new look on life. She had originally come to Fit Farm with the goal to take back her health, but what she had received was so much more. We invite you to join us on this journey to learn how Fit Farm transformed Ginger’s life and why she returns regularly every year.

Back before the doors to Fit Farm were open, Ginger was a mother of three, a caretaker, and a career-oriented woman with a stressful job. She knew that she could not hold this pace forever and that it would eventually begin to take a toll on her health. It was time to make time to take care of herself. Ginger originally met Kris, founder of Fit Farm at Rock Springs, at another retreat where they became quick friends and stayed in touch. During their friendship, Ginger learned of Kris’s newest venture in starting her own fitness retreat that would be supportive and empowering for guests. She became one of our first guests when our doors opened here at the farm.

At first, Ginger wasn’t sure if she would be able to complete the program. Even though she had attended a retreat in the past, it wasn’t as physically demanding as Fit Farm. However, she never gave up on herself or her goals, and by the third day, she was confident and proud that she had accomplished what she had thought she never could. Her first retreat on the farm helped her build the foundation she needed to achieve her healthy lifestyle goals. Since then, she has maintained her weight loss goal of 12lbs for the past five years and went above and beyond it by reaching an impressive total loss of 35lbs! What’s her secret? Ginger doesn’t stray from the prescribed at-home plan she learned from the program, and she returns to the farm whenever she feels she needs a reboot to stay on track. Even though she doesn’t continue to work out 6-7 hours every day, she harnessed the knowledge and skills she gained while at Fit Farm and incorporated them into her everyday life. No matter how busy she may be, she always makes time to walk five miles every day. She was even able to complete her bucket list dream back in 2018 – to walk Camino del Santiago, which is a 500-mile pilgrimage from South France to Santiago, Spain, in 30 days! Ginger found what worked for her!

Before you step foot off the farm, the trainers sit down and go over a personalized 14-day plan with each and every guest, to ensure you are set up for success when you continue your journey at home. Ginger used that plan along with the grocery shopping tips, meal prepping knowledge, and two weeks’ worth of Fit Farm-approved recipes to help fuel her progress. These tools gave her confidence that she could continue on her own and many of the recipes she enjoys regularly because they’re so easy to make and delicious.

Coming to Fit Farm all these years has helped Ginger grow not only physically, but mentally as well. By putting herself first, she was better to herself, which made her an even better mother because she was able to give to her children now that she could give to herself. Ginger is able to live a healthy lifestyle and she has given the gift of health and wellness to her children by sharing the program with them. When her son was getting ready to go into the Navy and was looking for a program to help prepare him for boot camp, he had asked his mother about Fit Farm. He had seen Ginger’s progress and wondered if Fit Farm could help him achieve his goals. Ginger knew right away that Fit Farm was the answer and he would be in good hands. After attending a fitness retreat at Fit Farm, her son had gained the strength and endurance he needed to succeed.

Over the years, Ginger transitioned from being a full-time working mom to a retired grandmother who is just as active and able to keep up with her grandchildren. In retirement, Ginger now considers her own self-care as her full-time job. Fit Farm has helped her develop self-love and find her inner self and has become her home away from home. Coming to the farm is her safe place, there is a sense of calm and peace as she enters the gates and passes through our beautiful trees to enter the Tennessee farmland.

Her most recent Fit Farm visit was different than her other stays. She was already maintaining her weight loss and came back more for a getaway than the typical “all-in” fitness retreat. This time she chose the “Pick Your Journey” path for her stay. She didn’t need to push herself as hard as on previous visits and was happy to see she burned as many calories during this stay as she did in previous stays. And she left feeling better both mentally and physically just like she did in the past…a feeling she truly loves.

The team at Fit Farm at Rock Springs is so proud to have been a part of Ginger’s journey of health and wellness. We hope her story has inspired you to pursue your own personal journey of wellness and to share it with your loved ones.
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