Fit Farm Guest Success Story - Lee from Florida

Fit Farm Guest Success Story – Lee from Florida

Rock Springs Retreat Center / February 28, 2023 / Anna Rutherford / 0
Six years ago, Lee's life was a different story. Weighing over 300lbs and exhausted after walking his dogs only half a block, Lee had come face-to-face with his mortality. Heartbroken at the thought of leaving behind his loving wife and daughter who meant so much to him, this was Lee’s wake-up call – enough is enough! From then on in he committed himself to implementing attainable lifestyle changes that, most importantly, didn’t make him miserable but still progressed him forward toward his goals. We are excited to share Lee’s amazing story of losing over 100 lbs and how he continues to live a happy and active life today.
(Lee's testimonial after his first visit to Fit Farm in 2018)

Lee’s Journey Begins

Lee decided to start his fitness journey five years ago by attending his first retreat. After making progress, he decided to try out Fit Farm’s program with his wife who is active and physically fit (she bikes 50-60 miles every Saturday at 62!!). Lee's first visit at Fit Farm would be the catalyst that jumpstarted his pursuit of a healthier version of himself.

Lee’s 2-week stay gave him all the tools and knowledge he needed to reach success - from nutrition education to daily workouts tailored to his individual needs. By the time Lee left Fit Farm, he had the understanding and skills needed to maintain his physical health long-term. But most importantly, Lee had developed a newfound confidence in himself and the ability to make small changes every day that would lead to big results down the line that would transform his life forever.

Maintaining His Lifestyle

Five years later, Lee is still fired up by the momentum from his initial Fit Farm visit and continues to make smart decisions when it comes to food and exercise. Just this past year Lee has lost an impressive 45lbs on his own! Lee is now proudly at a weight that he hasn’t seen since his years in high school and college.
“I’m living a longer and healthier life.”

Lee stressed that everything he does “is doable.” He doesn’t do extreme diets or hardcore exercising. Going full throttle non-stop doesn’t work and isn’t sustainable. Slow and gradual progress is what has led to Lee’s success. This doesn’t mean that Lee completely denies himself a treat every now and then. Just because something may not be healthy doesn’t mean you can never have it again. Maintaining balance is key!

One of Lee’s favorite foods are chicken wings, and he knew that if they were completely out of the picture it would make his journey difficult. So, Lee found his happy medium where he can still enjoy his favorite dish. He portions how many he can have, spreads it out over a course of several meals, and pairs them with a healthy option. Lee also has a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoys a sweet treat not every day, not every week, but maybe once or twice a month. For him, denying yourself the things you enjoy will make the whole journey miserable, and that doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss.

When you start telling yourself that you can’t have things, it makes you want them more,” Lee wisely shared.
By staying consistent with his food choices and exercise, Lee was able to allow himself some indulgences here and there and still find joy and success in his journey.

Lee’s 4 Basic Rules for Success

  1. Know What You’re Eating
    • Counting calories isn’t part of Lee’s day-to-day. He utilizes his gained knowledge to maintain healthy eating habits such as portioning his meals. Lee knows what he can eat to stay on track with his goals. When shopping for groceries, Lee sticks to the outside of the store to select fresh produce, meats, and dairy. Whenever he needs an item from the center aisles, he always reads the nutrition label before placing it in his shopping cart.
  2. Read Nutrition Labels
    • Ever since Lee started reading nutrition labels, it’s been an eye-opening experience for him. He used to add a side dish of coleslaw with his unbreaded chicken wings until he read the label. A small side of coleslaw was 850 calories! That was more than the chicken wings and to Lee, it wasn’t worth it.” By reading labels, Lee is able to make smart decisions about the food he eats which in turn, has educated him on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to food - especially misleading “healthy” options.
  3. Exercise Regularly
    • Lee proudly lives an active lifestyle. He works with a personal trainer twice a week to make sure he continues to move forward with his progress and goes to the gym regularly. Lee’s discovery of his love and passion for pickleball has also made his journey all that more enjoyable. Never would he have imagined that he’d be running up and down a pickleball court 6 years ago.
  4. Have a Plan When Dining Out
    • Food at restaurants is delicious and it’s tempting to overindulge in the moment, but not for Lee. His secret technique ties back to tip #1; he knows what to eat and how much. When his food comes out, he immediately boxes up half - not to starve himself, but because he knows that half is plenty and the right portion for him. The leftovers will be there in the fridge whenever it’s time for the next meal and if it doesn’t get eaten, it’s ok. He doesn’t let guilt sway his choices.
“Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a while. If it’s attainable, you can do it.”
The story of Lee is just one example of how setting attainable goals, staying consistent with your fitness routine, and making smart dietary choices without depriving yourself can lead you down the path of success when it comes to physical health and wellness. With hard work, discipline, determination—and perhaps most importantly—a support system, anyone can make positive changes in their life that will lead them towards their desired outcome: living an active lifestyle full of energy! Whether your goal is weight loss or something else entirely; don't be afraid to take risks or try something new—you may just find yourself on an unexpected path towards success. Congratulations on your amazing achievement, Lee! You’re an inspiration!