What to Expect at a Fit Farm Weight Loss Retreat

What to Expect at a Fit Farm Weight Loss Retreat

Rock Springs Retreat Center / March 20, 2022 / Anna Rutherford / 0

Curious about changing your lifestyle habits? Sick of having no energy? Are you ready to reclaim your overall health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re at the right place. A weight loss retreat or camp, like the one here at Fit Farm at Rock Springs, is designed to do exactly what it sounds like, help you lose weight and transform your body and mind. However, not all weight loss camps are made equal. Some don’t have a private campus with custom-built equipment, aren’t all-inclusive and require you to stay offsite, have no personalization in your experience, and don’t provide body testing. But Fit Farm isn’t your typical “fat camp.” In fact, fat farms or fat camps are on the opposite side of the spectrum. To understand the difference between a fat camp and a weight loss retreat/camp, check out our blog, "Fat Camp is Out. Weight Loss Camp is in."

Fit Farm at Rock Springs is an all-inclusive weight loss camp located on a 200-acre private resort near Nashville, TN. Our team is dedicated to helping you transform your life, and in just a few short weeks, we give you the tools and confidence to learn new habits and crush your goals! We have custom-built facilities and state-of-the-art body composition testing so you can see your progression during your stay. No matter your current fitness level, we will tailor to your needs and help you succeed. Creating and sustaining new habits is what it’s all about.

Let’s dive into what to expect when you attend a weight loss retreat at Fit Farm!

Empowering Your Journey: Personalized Body Assessment and Progress Tracking at Our Weight Loss Retreat

One of the first things you’ll do when you arrive on the farm (after orientation and welcome dinner) is begin your body assessment. This in-depth assessment was carefully designed using data-driven approaches to measure your exact fitness and nutritional needs to maximize your results while here for a weight loss retreat on the farm. The exciting part about this is the repeated testing throughout your stay that allows you to see exactly how you’ve improved on multiple levels beyond looking at the scale. Check out some of our methodologies below.

3D Body Scanning

3D Body Scanning
Using one of the best scanners worldwide, our STYKU scanner measures your shape, composition, and week-over-week progression in a matter of seconds! When you first arrive, we’ll scan you to get an assessment of your body composition and measurements. We repeat this process on a weekly basis so you can see in real-time how your body is transforming! The results you’ll achieve while here are measurable and attainable! LEARN MORE 


Heart Rate Monitoring at Fit Farm
Consistency is key. Our top-of-the-line trainers capture your data from your heart rate monitor from your smartwatch starting on day one. Closely monitored activity combined with our prescribed nutritional plan creates the perfect combo. This also allows you to learn the process of tracking your own progress after your stay at the farm, thus creating sustainable lifestyle changes! LEARN MORE 


Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
This test determines how many calories your body uses at rest and helps in determining the appropriate meal plan during your stay. Basically, if you sat on a couch all day doing nothing, this is the number of calories you burn just for your organs and body to function on a day-to-day basis. The measurement analyzes the oxygen your body uses versus the carbon dioxide the body produces through any aerobic metabolism. This starting data is critical to ensure you stay on course and improve throughout the camp. LEARN MORE


Measurements at Fit Farm
Blood pressure, body fat, weight, and physical endurance also play an important role during your journey. We carefully track your milestones to measure your achievements in the program with a starting baseline and your progress all along the way. You will see your week-over-week improvements in your physical capabilities, your body fat loss, muscle mass increase, and pounds and inches lost. We guarantee that you will have measurable results in our program.


Blood Panel Evaluation
We also offer a blood panel evaluation option that’s included with our Weight Loss program. Prior to your arrival, you’ll need to have the recommended bloodwork done, or depending on your length of stay, you may be able to work with a local clinic to have it completed while here. This information will give us an in-depth look at your ability to lose weight, allowing us to take the next level in maximizing your results.


Dunk Tank at Fit Farm
The dunk tank, also known as hydrostatic testing or hydrostatic underwater weighing, is considered the golden standard that many health experts utilize for body fat measuring. You’ll be submerged in the dunk tank where a special scale will measure your body fat to lean mass ratio. This option is available to our guests at an additional cost. LEARN MORE


Measuring success at Fit Farm Weight Loss Retreat
Using a scale alone to determine the success of your journey is a common mistake. However, it is important to realize that when the scale is used properly and combined with other testing methods, it can help paint the picture of your transformation. When you combine exercise and healthy nutrition, a lot of change is happening in your body. While you may be losing fat, you may be gaining muscle, which in turn, weighs more than fat. It’s common knowledge on the farm that we don’t like the scale because too often do we let the scale determine our mood. During your stay, you’ll learn to have a healthier relationship with the scale as you watch your body transform.

Nourishing Your Journey: Reimagining Food at Fit Farm's Weight Loss Retreat

Let’s talk food! Food is essential for everyday living, it’s also one of the biggest fears for people when it comes to weight loss camps. Will you starve at Fit Farm? No! Quick fixes, crash diets, deprivation…these never work. We do not ever want you hungry. Our chefs work with our certified nutritionists to create a personalized meal plan that is macro-balanced and calorie-controlled that fall in line with your personal goals and fuel your body.

We eat five protein-rich and nutrient-balanced meals a day on the farm to ensure you are satiated and nourished throughout the day.

Coconut & Nut French ToastItalian Parmesan Chicken Dinner Fit FarmApple Nachos Evening Snack Fit Farm

8:00am Breakfast: Coconut & Nut French Toast
12:00pm Lunch: Chicken Zucchini Pesto Pasta
3:00pm Snack: Blueberry Protein Shake
5:30pm Dinner: Italian Parmesan Chicken
7:30pm Evening Snack: Apple Nachos

Our culinary experts will give you the tools you need to eat healthy and delicious food, re-learn how to grocery shop for the “right” things, how to eat healthy in restaurants, how to cook, and completely make over your relationship with food. Following these tools, it will allow you to keep a healthy weight and fitness level for the rest of your life. That’s our overall goal!

Elevating Your Journey: Personalized Workouts and Unmatched Facilities at Our Weight Loss Retreat

Not many people spend 6-7 hours a day in the gym. We don’t either. It’s 6-7 hours of movement with a variety of classes, intensity levels, and recovery (don’t worry, we have days off!). 6-7 hours of daily fitness can be intimidating, but fear not! Our classes are uniquely designed to challenge guests of all fitness levels and our experienced trainers will tailor every exercise based on your specific fitness level. Rest assured you will be challenged based on YOU, no one else, and you will receive the experience and knowledge you need to continue your journey beyond the farm!

Our private weight loss retreat has over 80,000 sqft of custom-built fitness facilities with 15+ different indoor and outdoor workout spaces. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind training environment that you won’t find anywhere else!

Main Lodge

The Main Lodge
The Main Lodge is home base and home to the mess hall, spa, movie theater, and has two workout locations! You’ll partake in both indoor and outdoor exercises, with our indoor location having an overhead projector where you can enjoy Netflix while you crush your workout.

Whippy Barn

The Whippy Barn
Our Whippy Barn training complex has all kinds of fun waiting for you in several different gyms with a huge variety of equipment and workouts all under one roof! Tractor pushes, ropes and slopes, boxing, spin, yoga, resistance training, TRX suspension, are some of the activities at these locations.

Whippy Trail

The Whippy Trail
Circling the property is the Whippy Trail. It’s a one-mile loop filled with amazing views to take in while you enjoy the sunshine on your walk, run, or bike. It’s a guest favorite for cooldowns.

Swimming Hole

Hot Tub Pool Amenity Fit Farm
Make a splash in our outdoor swimming pool where low-impact aerobics take place. It’s also open for you to enjoy during your personal time, with the hot tub conveniently next to it.

No matter where your workout takes place, our training plans pack in one entire month of training for each week you’re with us! On average, guests lose between 4-8lbs per week!* Trainers will be with you every step of the way, pushing you to your limits.

Check out the results from some of our guests below; a female guest lost 9lbs and 10.6″ in 3 weeks and a male guest lost a total of 54lbs and 26″ in just 8 weeks!

Vicki Week 1
Vicki Week 2
1 Week Male
3 Weeks Male
8 Weeks Male
*This number varies depending on several factors including but not limited to age, health, water retention, etc.

Enriching Your Journey: Unwind, Recharge, and Thrive at Fit Farm


Every detail has been planned at Fit Farm. From the serene landscape to the tranquil decor that adds the touch of home, you are welcomed into a place that was built to support you in every way.
You deserve the best of the best, that’s why outstanding accommodations await you after all the work you put in training every day. So, getting proper sleep is critical. You’ll be resetting your sleep patterns for optimal performance during the program. Rest assured knowing you’ll have a clean, gorgeous, and comfortable room to rest your head and re-energize for another exciting day!

Take advantage of our onsite spa, Serenity Day Spa, and go for a soak in the hot tub, relax in the sauna, or indulge in a restorative massage – a perfect way to soothe your muscles after a hard day’s work. Our certified massage therapist is also our Restorative Yoga instructor. Restorative yoga is the last class of the day, which we highly recommend, where you’ll give your muscles a final stretch to help aid the recovery process and where you can zen.

If you’re looking for something more entertaining, why not catch a board game with our team and fellow guests in the lodge? If you’d like something more peaceful, we have outdoor seating throughout the property where you can take in the relaxing view of the rolling hills of Tennessee. We also have a full billiards table and a luxury movie theater with recliners! Fit Farm at Rock Springs is truly a place where you can reset not only your body but your mind as well.

Continuing Your Journey: Post-Retreat Support for Continued Success at Fit Farm

Support for your couch to 5k

All your hard work is paying off as you near the end of your weight loss retreat. What’s next? As you begin to prepare for departure, we want to make sure you know you have our team and your peers’ support, long past your journey here. Our trainers will work with you to create a 14-day plan for when you return home. You’ll also receive two weeks’ worth of Fit Farm-approved recipes, some of which you may have also had during your stay.

Gathering all the new information you learned, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident before you step foot off our campus. Whether it’s help in the kitchen, training schedules, or any other questions you feel wary about; we want you to have all the answers to succeed! If you feel that you need continued support beyond the farm, we also offer our Afterburn Program. Each week, a trainer you worked with during your stay will hop on a 50-minute personalized call to focus on you and your goals. These discussions include nutrition, fitness, and life coaching.

So, there’s a preview of what it’s like to be at a weight loss retreat. Seems pretty amazing, right? Stepping outside of your comfort zone to engage in a life-altering transformation is a huge accomplishment. Not only will our camp change your physical appearance, mentally you will grow stronger too, which will carry down into other facets of your daily life. If you have any questions or are ready to start your journey, feel free to leave a comment below or you can reach our team directly here. We're ready to help you achieve your goals!